Life Insurance 
Life Insurance is the Gift of Love
It’s not the most pleasant thing to think about. But, planning now for your family’s future can help protect them and keep them financially secure when you’re not there to take care of them. Farmers insurance has spent the last 100 years protecting families from catastrophe and providing a sense of financial security for it's clients through term and permanent life insurance policies.
Unsure of what you should consider when purchasing your life insurance policy? Consider the points below. We at Farmers call this the "Dime Assessment." and it can help give you a deeper understanding of how much you need life insurance and why. 

Life insurance will ensure you won't leave your family a legacy of credit card debt and auto loans.  
Your family depends on your paycheck. What would they have to change about their lifestyle after you are gone?
Having enough life insurance to pay off your mortgage will help your family remain in the home they love.
With education costs rising each year, you can make sure your children's education is fully funded with a life insurance policy. 

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